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To the days when I didn't feel myself..

Appreciation post To the days when I didn't feel myself.. I have been through many of you already. In fact, passed through you yesterday like every other day and sometimes you come in weeks in a row, so I think I do owe a little long appreciation post. Thankyou, coz of you I am comfortable of being alone even if that had direct impact on my social skills. Coz of you I don't overwork my feelings , generally because i shut myself in, everytime when someone tries to enter in my life. Coz of you I'm getting more than enough sleep which however still keeps me tired and exhausted all the time. Coz of you I'm becoming better at the game of "pretending to be happy". Coz of you I started self isolating myself when Covid-wave wasn't even a thing. Coz of you the path to my dreams is fading away and It's too foggy with the smoke of anxiety. Coz of you my self love ability is hitting the ground and on the worst days, I don't see any worth in myself. So, to the days I didn't feel myself, it's never enough to appreciate the way you keep me grounded and depressed. I know I will be facing you again in the constant order but please be gentle this time, if you can.

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