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The world Outside Ukraine

I have seen the world outside Ukraine, its not so different than it was before 24th feb - a sleepless night of RUSSIAN INVASION in UKRAINE.

I see why the world has been inconsiderate, towards the truth, towards the lives which are on stake every second, towards our homes which are being bombarded every few hours, towards our pain of being homeless and helpless, towards us as a human just like them . I noticed, why they might not seem to care that our lives have turned upside down within one night. I know, how they don't feel the fear of being shot as soon as they step out of the safe places. I understand, why it's easy for them to ignore what we are suffering from. I see why, "Ukraine Under Attack" is just another Breaking NEWS HEADLINE for them. I know, why they are silent towards the terror, Putin and his cronies , has been spreading. I can understand, why "Racism during War" doesn't surprise them at all.

Now, Let me explain you why, The reason of this inconsideration and ignorance is not just one but many. And honestly, Regardless of how many reasons I can think of, nothing would make up to what all we have lost till now. Nothing is reasonable enough to leave us helpless in the middle of Major Crisis. Nothing would compensate the trauma we are going through physically or mentally. Nothing would heal the loss and grief we are fleeing away with. No reason is a valid reason to let innocents be caged in a claustrophobic bunkers with no FOOD or water, NOTHING!!!

So, why the public outside Ukraine has been slow to take an action towards the Ukraine Crisis?

The Biggest reason is that they are too manipulated to trust the reality anymore. They are too busy watching/hearing what they are being shown on their "monitored" TV Screens or radios. The loud and heavy speeches given by the powerful world leaders never let them hear the cries of innocents to wake up their humanity. The Unfair Media and Puppet News Channels are making them believe that this is not their responsibility or problem. Their vision is too blur to see that HISTORY KEEPS REPEATING ITSELF and the innocent people always end up being a target of those powerful people we keep voting for. They still believe somehow , in the back of their head , that they have no power to do anything about it. They still live in a dream of peaceful and fair world. It's hard for them to trust millions of victims but they can easily believe a dictator in power. The world public is not aware that this is no different than what's been happening in Syria since 2011 or Central African Civil War since 2018 , or Russo-Georgian War 2008 or Second Chechen War 1999-2009.

But again, giving the facts of ignorance, I will definitely not ignore the Support we are getting across the globe and within the country. Despite of all the irreversible damages Ukrainians folks have had - death of so many innocent lives, loss of countless public and private properties, continuing physical and mental trauma, etc. , this War has proven one phrase fact straight up right, which was also a propaganda poster in WORLD WAR II - "United We Stand, Divided We Fall". First of all, I salute Ukrainians for their bravery, courage and unity to stand against the most powerful person in the whole world. Secondly, EU countries have turned out to be a blessing to Ukrainians to get away from conflicted zones throughout the nation. Over 1 million Ukrainian refugees were allowed to enter the NATO countries via road , no questions asked! Military and Humanitarian aids are provided by countries outside EU union and of-course As Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says “Ukraine never forgets a friend in need is a friend indeed’.”

I can still overhear ongoing discussions on whether Russia is right to invade Ukraine or Is it Fair for Ukrainians to fight back for their land which is rightfully theirs. 50% of the world population is busy discussing the political notions and taking heat from the burning land of Ukraine. They will need time to understand that this is the time when history is being re-written in Ukraine , in Europe and all over the world and this heat will soon reach their own homes. I strongly believe that we do have all love and support of 50% of world population

and there are people outside Ukraine whose blood is boiling just like us Ukrainian Refugees. We all will keep fighting for what's right, for the truth, for the innocent lives.

To Sum it all up, a short message to Mr. Putin : You underestimated Ukraine. Your powerful croanies underestimated Ukrainians and their love for their land. Still at the soil of Ukraine, if a russian soldier is disarmed, Ukrainians do not shoot him on the spot without a valid reason, instead they send them back to their mothers. They still believe, it’s a war against the wrong and injustice and not against innocent people. And this is what I have learnt from the country I have been living in for past 7 years. I'm proud of this country I wasn't even born in and I have nothing else but a lot and lot of gratitude and love towards this nation and its people. Ukraine deserve peace. Ukrainians deserve peace. This world deserve peace.

- Astha Goswami (Ukrainian War Refugee)

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1 Comment

When I watch you, Astha, in that documentary, I recognized the human face of war-victims. After reading your words, I beg you to go on writing. Because you are deeply able to explain facts and situations, parts and connections of the whole life, which normally leave people simply wordless.

Thank you so much,🙏🏻

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