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How am I in love?

Me in love is scared

but you dare to break down my walls

and believe me, my heart secretly calls

Me in love is worried

Do you love me? Do you love me enough?

The only questions I'll keep asking, your answer I'll gently cuff

Me in love is impatient

I'd want you, want you right now so much

I'll never let you go, our love's tender touch

Me in love is stubborn

I'll ask for attention,

and if you deny, I might cause some tension

Me in love is childish

I'll speak without thought sometimes,

you'll be the brain, I'll be the heart in these rhymes

Me in love is obsessive

If you're mine, you're solely mine,

I'll share you only with our family line

Me in love is a baby

I may cry for hours and hours,

but your hug melts away my fears and glowers

Me in love is tough

It can be hard to be with me,

but let's share our burdens and be each other's glee

Me in love is quiet

Some days I'll have naught to say,

promise to stay through every moment's sway

Me in love is easy

I know, till it seems too tough,

but be patient, our love will weather, it's more than enough.

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