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Can we just wake up?

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

And at a point when we realize that where we all are just helpless, like there was nothing ever in our hands, like we were born to just reach this point, like everything we did, achieved or felt was useless. I have never been this helpless as today, I want to move forward but how? For the sake of whom? To where? Most of the times we miss so many moments in our life, which just exist to become memories because when we were living them, we didnt really appreciated and lived it fully and now that those are memories, we think of returning back to that day and reliving it.. I wish someone invents a time machine sooner before I die. Well even if it is a day before it, I would love to visit one second of each of those memories floating in my head right now. Is this circle of existence is just a game? Are we actually existing or are we all living a dream? Is it a bad dream with some good moments or a good one with worst phases? Can we just wake up for once?

- Astha Goswami

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