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Blink and Think

Are we happy souls living sad phases? Or Sad Souls ruining happy phases?

What have you seen in your life is no less to make an assumption

What have you been in your life is no big to make an exception

You and me are existing in the same round world

Where you think I’m happier and about you I have the same perception

Why aren’t we minding our own funny businesses

Why aren’t we having our own lonely christmases

Why is someone trying so hard to be ours

Why aren’t we becoming our own true witnesses

What do you think are you?

What do you think am I?

How we came this far.. Oh You still believe you can fly?

Well maybe you can.. But are you ready to try?

Blink once, think twice,

Last second you were laughing hard, now you wanna cry?

- Astha Goswami

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