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Updated: Apr 5

She is sitting in a dark room, listening to rain, window is half open and it’s a cold breeze outside. Her hair are messy and the room is unorganized. There are paint colors spilled on one side of her carpet with 2 portraits half completed. 1 painting of a green galaxy is lying one corner of the room. It aura is scented with jasmine candle lightning in the balcony , where the dried flowers are mourning over pain. There is a sunset in the same room along with a little red moon. However the laptop is playing a slow villain, she is still fighting with her noise of thoughts. Thoughts of this and that, if and when, who and why, age and goals, etc etc but in between all of that she is humming her favorite song lying on the bed while one of leg is slowly shaking with anxiousness. Have you seen that girl? I did.

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