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1st Draft- Introduction

1st Draft is the collection of few of my first drafts conversations, questions, statements I have going on in my mind. It might or might not be something I agree on all the time. We all have stories to tell and this is my way of telling the stories which my brain cells are making up and I want to throw them out unedited and unfiltered. There are things which I write but it doesnt make sense but hey, Is it really important to make sense when you are just listening to your heart?

Catch up on few of my 1st drafts and if you like it, I would recommend you to write your first drafts as well.. How to? Just open a notepad and start typing, dont think anything which stress out your brain, just write down all the mumbling words your brain is thinking about , maybe it will help you find your answers , like I've been looking for mine. I hereby admit that I leave some of my favorite things/ tasks unfinished and I just want to leave them open here as 1st drafts, so I would have something to come back to and hold on to.

And by the way , "1st draft" idea came up in my mind on June 6th, 2021, and this is me writing the introduction of 1st draft sitting in a train to Lviv , the beautiful city of Ukraine. Hopefully I will write about it some day as well because as I said I have millions of stories to tell.

Keep Writing

- Astha Goswami

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תגובה אחת

Hey Astha 😍 you are fun person to be around with and your collections are just magnificent ❣️❣️

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